The Genocide of the Unborn -By Brother Chuck


What if all the pro-choice people had been aborted? Just sayin' . . .

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By Brother Chuck

Opposites. Everyone understands opposites. The opposite of up is down. Right? The opposite of agree is disagree. The opposite of honest is dishonest. The opposite of tolerant is intolerant. Everyone understands opposites. Question: What is the opposite of life? It's death of course. One is either living or dead. Those are the only two options God has afforded us. So what is the opposite of pro-life? Pro-choice? No! The opposite of pro-life is pro-death! ...or pro-abortion... or how about, pro "The Genocide of the Unborn".

Pro-life is the belief that every human life, born or unborn, is sacred and no one, including the mother, has the right to end an innocent life. Pro-choice is the belief that abortion is a personal decision and should not be limited by the government or anyone else. But as we have already learned, the opposite of life is death. Therefore, Pro-choice really means pro-death... but they won't say that of course. The term pro-choice sounds better. It's a sort of rallying cry for feminist. Because everyone agrees that women should have the right to choose... to choose their own political representatives, their education, their wardrobe, their lifestyle, and so on. That's pro-choice! It has nothing to do with killing babies. That would be called pro-death. But pro-choice sounds liberating. Because really, how many women would rally around the motto pro-death or pro-killing innocent unborn children? Which is what pro-choice really means. The good folks of pro-choice want to kill the unborn child even though he or she has eyes, limbs, and organs that include a beating heart that pumps blood... life-blood, throughout the child's body.

"Abortion is murder in the womb... A child is a gift of God. If you do not want him, give him to me." ~ Mother Teresa

Abortion is an effective and legal way to murder your children.

They say, it's a woman's right to control her own body. They ask, "Who should decide, if not the woman?" But the more appropriate question is, "Who dies?" not who decides. Women demand complete control of their bodies. Complete control should include preventing the risk of an unwanted pregnancy through the responsible use of a contraception. Abortion should not be used in place of a contraception. You're not a wild animal in heat. Control yourself! Go buy a contraception! Show some restraint and stay abstinent until you do.

" it surprising that today we have become so morally blind (for wickedness blinds) that we save the baby whales at great cost, and murder millions of unborn children?" ~ Alice Von Hildebrand

Television personality Rachel Campos-Duffy, appeared at a Wisconsin Right to Life gathering in Appleton and said, "More than 90% of women change their minds about having an abortion after seeing an ultrasound." Wow! 90% changed their minds. That's a lot of saved lives. There's just something about a mother seeing her own baby within her womb and hearing that heartbeat for the very first time. Women aren't wired to kill their own babies. Women are wired to nurture and lovingly care for their babies; not slaughter them. God made you that way. And most women won't abort their child once they hear their child's beating heart. And you don't have too. You have options.

"I am against abortion; I think that life is sacred and we should take a position of being against abortion. I think it is wrong to take human life. I think that human life starts at conception." ~ Billy Graham

According to Lumen Learning Anatomy and Physiology, "The human heart is the first functional organ to develop. The heart begins beating and pumping blood around day 21 or 22, a mere three weeks after fertilization." It's the first organ to develop because the rest of the body, including the already developing brain and spinal cord, needs that pumping blood in order to be nourished and continue to grow.

"Statistics show that a soldier's chances of survival in the front lines of combat are greater than the chances of an unborn child avoiding abortion. What should be the safest place to live in America - a mother's womb - is now the most dangerous place." ~ Randy Alcorn

I was watching some of the 9/11 commemoration ceremonies on TV recently. The announcer talked about the horrific scene of the Twin Towers coming down after those terrorists crashed their jetliners into the buildings killing everyone on board as well as thousands within the Twin Towers. He asked, "What kind of evil would kill 3000 innocent people?" That's a good question. And I know the answer. But first, I have a similar question. What kind of evil would kill 63,517,230 innocent babies in the United States since Roe V. Wade in 1973. That was the number at the time of the publication of this article. It has risen exponentially since then.

"The essence of goodness is: to preserve life, promote life, help life to achieve its highest destiny. The essence of evil is: destroy life, harm life, and hamper the development of life... It seems to me as clear as daylight that abortion would be a crime." ~Mahatma Gandhi

There are two entities with contrasting views and intentions that influence, and encourage these two opposing groups; pro-lifers and pro-abortionists. One is God. He is pro-life. He is the author of life. It is He who knit you together in your mother's womb (Psalm 139:13 NIV; Job 10:11 NIV; Psalm 119:73 NIV; Ecclesiastes 11:5 NIV; Isaiah 44:24 NIV). The Bible distinctly discloses to us that each and every life that God creates is hand-crafted and deliberately planned. You weren't an accident and neither was the aborted child. You and he were created on purpose and for a purpose. God's intentions are good; not evil. He intends for this child to have prosperity, hope, and a future (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV).

The other influencing entity has very bad intentions. He's not the giver of life. He is a murderer. He was a murderer from the beginning (John 8:42-44 NIV). He is pro-death, pro-murder, pro-euthanasia, pro-abortion, pro-genocide, and pro-"The Genocide of the Unborn". His influence and murdering intentions are written throughout the Bible, throughout history and written all over abortion. In fact, Satan authored every genocide in history. You think the Holocaust was bad with 6,000,000 innocent Jews murdered, or 2/3 of the Jewish population in Europe extinguished for no other reason except they were Jewish. Then, perhaps you haven't heard of the Holodomer (1932-33), a man made famine (killed by starvation) in Soviet Ukraine that purged approximately 7,811,000 Ukrainians. The Soviet government intentionally rejected outside aid and confiscated all household foodstuffs and restricted the movement of their population. A United Nations joint statement signed by 25 countries in 2003 declared that 7-10 million Ukrainians perished in the Holodomer. What kind of evil would murder 6,000,000 innocent Jews? The same evil that murdered 8,000,000 innocent Ukrainians. But those two genocides aren't the worst in history. Perhaps you're not informed about the Native American Genocide (1400s-1924) by way of the British Empire, the Spanish colonization of the Americas, effecting Amerindians in the United States, Central and South America and Canada. While the overall toll of man made deaths of Amerindians is unknown, highest estimates reach 100,000,000 native Americans. Thousands to millions were killed during forced labor, wars and massacres, covering both North, Central and South America. An unknown number of Apaches were killed just for bounty.

"There will be over 3,500 killed in USA today from abortion. No flags lowered, no presidents crying. No media hyperventilating. Normal day." ~ Matt Drudge

I ask you again, what kind of evil would kill 100,000,000 innocent Amerindians just because they're Indians? I'll tell you what kind of evil would do that. The same evil that would murder 63,517,230 innocent unborn babies in the United States since Roe V. Wade in 1973.

"I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born."

~ Ronald Reagan

This kind of evil has a name. His name is Satan. He was a murderer from the beginning (John 8:42-44 NIV). He is pro-death, pro-abortion, pro-"The Genocide of the Unborn". The good news is, Satan is already defeated. Satan was defeated when the Son of God walked out of the tomb. Jesus defeated sin, death, and Satan. Satan's time as the most powerful force of evil in the universe is short (Revelation 12:12). Let me be clear, Satan and God are not equal adversaries battling for prominence. God has no equal. God created Satan. And in due time, his reign on earth will end and he and his advocates will be cast into the lake of fire where they will forever burn and forever be separated from God. The Holy Spirit empowers us to say "no" to Satan's agenda. If you're considering abortion, say no! You don't have to consent to his agenda. Say no! You have other options other than aborting your own baby.

"Each child is sent into this world by God with a "Unique Message" to deliver, a new personal act of love to bestow" ~ John Powell

One option is you can choose to be a parent. Parenting can oftentimes be more possible than at first it seems. There are enough government resources to help you. You'll figure it out. A second option would be to ask a close relative to raise your child. A third option is adoption. Adoption is a great option for a mother who feels that she's not in the best position to raise her own child. She can select a family that she feels is perfect for her child. She has the option to communicate with them directly or through an agency. A fourth option is a Crisis Pregnancy Center. They exist to help moms and their babies. They help women obtain housing, pre and post-natal care, baby equipment, legal assistance, and financial support, and many even help women further their education. Temporary foster care may be an option or legal guardianship may be an option worth considering. The point is, all of these options are available to you and all of them are better choices than killing your own child. A good place to start might be a Crisis Pregnancy Center. They can help you with all your options. They can help you figure it out. Aborting your child is not a good option.

"Abortion is a violent deception that results in two victims: the child whose life is destroyed, and the woman who suffers devastating physical and psychological harm."

Before You Have an Abortion

Pregnancy resource centers are devoted to offering women alternatives to abortion. For unplanned pregnancy options or to find a Pregnancy Resource Center near you, try these providers.


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